Critical look at Michael?

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Critical look at Michael?

Beitrag  Guardian am Di Feb 16, 2010 11:40 am

Critically gazes, several times, about that thought and to the end come that I would have made it, perhaps, in his position from his perception, not different. Michael is famous as a child, is known, a star become, a person who could never lead a "normal" life, to himself with friends to the football match, could not stroll or arrange parties. The people were, at his child time, fully of the praise. Now children become older, come to the puberty and change, suddenly the world noticed that he is not any more the small, petite boy and the newspapers started questioning him, will he be able to sing furthermore so if he has his vocal break? Will he be able to maintain his name recognition? To these questions of the people, hatter he put never apart the possibility as well as to make we, mistakes who belong to it to the growing-up to get drunk as for example sometimes so properly to find out after how disgusting alcohol is or themselves with friends and maybe also sometimes a blow on the nose to take the money........ all this what we have done thus in our puberty he could not do, because he was gazed constantly by the media, every small Pikel was registered, every still so small change was worth to the press a headline. He had heavy acne and suffered inexpressibly from it, the mirror became his enemy and he started, itself in get dark to wash and the pleasentry of his family did not serve just to provide a Selbstwergefühl for Michael, it gave not to be the guilt for it any more the small, petite, black boy and suffered inexpressibly from it. Michael has learnt from childhood on that the people were always good to him, but is sudden these being good to him turned and he has not understood, why..... as well as, he never had to argue with it.

He has, unfortunately, by this life what he led to never be able to distinguish true friends from wrong ones qualified and has fallen, as we know everybody, often enough on person who have used the "brand" Michael Jackson and have used, however how should he have been able to ascertain this? How could he notice, because it, nevertheless, all people meant always well with him, there were suddenly people who deceived him, to him lied, somewhat of his fame, somewhat of his money abhaben wanted? In addition came which would have let go not always good adviser on his side, which if they last then felt well him not thus in the trap.

On the stage he was self-confident and has exactly known what and how he wanted something, in his private life, he was unsafe and had to manage by the pleasentry of the press and his family first not to be the petite, small guy any more who was worshipped by all sides and was admired. He suffered from his as his family has always called it "Big Nose", so it was for him the only right view if this "Big Nose" is away, I am again that whom everybody loved and found petite because then my family and fans then again proudly on me are........, unfortunately, a fallacy, because where they had teased him earlier about "Big Nose", now went on pleasentry about his supposedly "disintegrating nose". Michael could make it nobody more to right than he adult became, he has defended himself, beginning, but he has noticed itself for his view nobody has interested whether was it now the announcement in the Oprah interview which he in Vitiligo suffers........., nevertheless it was maintained furthermore, he can be bleached because he itself is ashamed to be a non-white, however sometimes quite honestly, how could he ever have concealed to be a non-white? Nevertheless, everybody knew him and already as a child. Or the eternal question whether he had had then one day sex......... for this question I have myself always doing ashame to others......... for which reason one cannot fancy this? What is so funny, so strangely in him that one must put such a question? He has married, nevertheless, this question was put to him again and again. He has got children, nevertheless, the Tabloids could not fancy this, and did write about artificial conception and foreign seeds etc. What makes him so peculiar that one puts up such assertions? On the one hand the press Michael has always put as a selfactor and megalomaniacal which sees itself only and finds great and then the contradiction comes in itself which takes this supposed megalomaniac selfactor foreign seed????? A megalomaniac selfactor who loves each other only would take quite absolutely of it care that his genes and exclusively his genes would been transmitted. Has somebody asked, actually, already Diana horse, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, Robbie Williams, Bruce Springsteen etc. whether do they have then sex?

Sometime Michael has noticed that he can say and act what he wants, nobody wants to hear it, because write them and, nevertheless, send what they want. Maybe everybody would have become sometime indifferently about such reports, however, Michael has finished this, he has suffered from it and he had to find out over and over again that for him nobody jumps in the breach, as well as he has done it his life long for others.

Kind Regards

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