Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

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Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

Beitrag  Guardian am Mo Feb 22, 2010 2:48 pm

Hey Dears!

A few minutes ago I had a very long phonecall with Badgirl. She's so sad that Michael is not here anymore and told me about her feelings. She's missing Michael pretty much.
Badgirl is pretty sad that she hasn't ever written Michael any words about her feelings to him or had said him in personal because her english isn't so good.
It hurts me so much that Badgirl cried about her Thoughts and Feelings and so I told her I will open this Thread.

Well, dear Badgirl like I promised, I opened this Thread in which we can write about our Thoughts and Feelings about Michael.

What's in your heart now? What have you written or did you say to Michael when you get the chance to talk or write to him?
Let your feelings out and open your heart.

Much Love

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Re: Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

Beitrag  Badgirl am Mo Feb 22, 2010 3:06 pm

Oh Guardian, this is a great idea.......
I will try to express my thoughts and feelings into words.... I hope that maybe I'll feel better some time.... 'cause I miss him so much.......


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Re: Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

Beitrag  Badgirl am Di Feb 23, 2010 5:09 pm

If this time would exist one more time, this time where our Michael was alive, then I would tell him several things, and do a lot which I sadly couldn't do so far.
I would write him a letter, a letter like not many fans would write, obviously not even one of them.
But my English never was good, I don't know, I just couldn't do it, and therefore I never had the courage to write to Michael.
But now I regret it, I should have done it. I should have written to him, no matter how my English was.
But now it's too late.
He's not there anymore.
And he will never read my letter.
To have to realize that, just hurts, he should have known what I would have loved to tell him, what I thought, and what I felt.
If I could, if he read that, if only it was possible, I would write to him the following......

Dear Michael,

You have done a lot in your life, you have moved great things, and opened many peoples' eyes, and you probably know that yourself.
It's wonderful to know that there are people who aren't blinded by gold, silver and money, but they see what almost nobody else can see anymore. That there are still people with poverty, that there are people who are treated like animals, that our environment has to die in our favour, that so many lifes are taken, just for the own one to be better.
It's the egoism of human being!

They only travel the world blind and don't see that there are other lifes, too, who don't have a good life, no food, nothing to drink, no roof over their heads.
They suffer and they would need help, help from those who have everything abundant, but they don't want to help, they say that it's not their business, but this isn't true!
And Michael, you are one of the small number of people who know that, one of the few who help.
And for that, my dear Michael, I highly credit you.

You are one of the people who fight for the welfare of all people to be fine.
No matter if black, white, big or small. Physically or mentally limited, in the sense of, we are all human beings, we actually all have the same right and deserve the same justification, and I'm one of the few people who have understood your message.

Yes Michael, I have understood it and put it into my heart, 'cause I know that you are right.
You are right with all that you say, all that you sing and all that you do.
And if humankind goes on like this as before, we all know what will happen, only you, Michael, have the courage to show that to us.
You openly put the cards on the table, and everyone else close their eyes because they don't want to realize that it's true.
They don't want to realize what will happen if we go on like this as before.
They don't want to realize that it's true that, the way they currently act, they destroy everything this way.

Michael, I don't know where you take the strength from, to take position against humankind, where you take the courage from to talk against everything and everybody who does evil to the world.
But deep inside of me, I believe that actually every human could act like this, if only he opens his eyes. If the human being isn't only driven by egoism, by the self-love and the people around him.
However, when we have a closer look, we all know that everybody could act in a different way, but then they would drag their ^^ reputation ^^ through the mire. They don't want other people to see that they have a good side.
But Michael, you and I know, that in every human being there is a helper. Even though they don't want to realize that it's true and don't want to show it.

Michael, but that alone is not the reason why I'm writing to you.
I'm writing to you to tell you that there are people who always back you.
People who always keep faith with you, no matter if the media dream up anything to run you down, because they have no topics anymore to write about.
Yes Michael, I'm one of these people!
I always back you, no matter what you say, what you do and also when you are silent from time to time.
Sadly I don't know you personally, but I would give everything to meet you in person one time.
I would love to have a talk with you, to look into your eyes.
Michael, you are a wonderful human being, as probably there hasn't ever been anybody like this before you, and I think it's such a shame that others try to drag you through the mire so much, but I believe they do it just out of envy.
Yes, I believe they are jealous of you, because they don't dare to say what they think, what they are in favour of, and therefore they want to see you far down at the bottom.
But I firmly believe that you are above such things, that you don't have to do this to yourself, to justify yourself, not to them.

Michael, I hope that you stay as you are, because your attitude to all of this here, the life and the world, it's unique, I hope that you won't be talked into anything by any other people, because all alone your belief and your knowledge is right.
To realize that, the rest of humankind will probably need several more years.
But I don't!
I've understood it and I will try to do all in my power to continue where you can't reach out.
All humans should think and feel as we do, Michael, then many things would be different.
And as I have already said, Michael, please never forget that there are people who always back you!

Michael, you are a wonderful, great human being!

Yes dear members of this forum, like this I would write it to him. 'Cause we all know what a wonderful human being Michael was, it's just a pitty that all, as well as myself, only now dare to say what they would have loved to say to Michael.

Michael never has witnessed how many people still backed him. How many have kept faith with him.
It's really such a pitty that only now all get in touch, we should have shown this to Michael so much earlier.
We all know how he looked during the last years, so sad and deserted.
Left by friends and fans.
Nobody has cared for him anymore.
But why?
Because he didn't make music anymore?
Because he wasn't in the media everyday?
If it wasn't that, then what reasons were it?
Because all have forgotten him?
He was with me in my heart since the 80s and it was a matter of course that he was always there.
It's really sad that we people only then realize what we have lost, when it's gone.
Not until it's really gone and won't come back.
But one thing I have learned from this, now everyday I say what I think, what I feel, and people who are important to me get to feel it daily.
I don't want them to go and think of me with the thought ^^ I wasn't even important to her ^^
And when they see me then, when they aren't there anymore, and afterwards I mourn for them, they'd hardly believe it 'cause I haven't shown him in the lifetime.
But that has changed.
Michael has changed me.
Yes, since Michael is gone, many things in my life have changed.

Not only that I now show more affection to the important people of my life, no, many of my attitudes have changed.
But I don't think that, at this point, it's important anymore to elaborate on this, 'cause we all know about whatsoever Michael has accomplished.
But to be honest, between ourselves, have you ever been concerned about what you would have done if Michael had once stood in front of you?
Let's proceed from the assumption that he'd speak German, and he stands in front of you, what would you do?
How yould you react?
What would you say?
I know it, 'cause I have often been concerned about that.
Not only one or two times, but rather one- or two hundred times!
Well, I can give you a short inside into my fantasy, then you will know how I would act, what I would say and do:

I would be in LA and would meet Michael on the street, so dismal, and unhealthy like he looked during the last days of his life.
I would walk to him and friendly smile at him.
Probably I would get back a smile.
I would say very excitedly and friendy ^^ Hey Michael!!! I'm so glad to meet you!! ^^
Then I would embrace him, and ask him if I may invite him to a cup of coffee.
We would sit outside in front of a pub and talk about God and the world, my letter, and his opinion to everything that happens here.
I would look into his eyes, and clearly tell him my opinion:

-> ^^ Michael, so look damn sad and downed, and as if this is not enough, have you recently looked at yourself?
Michael, come with me, just for one or two weeks, you and your children, I invite you, you and your children, my family and me. We go on holiday and there we will get you healthy again!!! With this distance maybe you also realize, that not all friends... are „FRIENDS“. Until now you've always only given, now I want to give you something, too. Because like this, it just can't go on with you! I wish that you are happy again.

Well, now you know what I think……….

(Translated by Fairy)

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Re: Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

Beitrag  Magical Child am Di Feb 23, 2010 5:51 pm

Hello dear ones,

I'd like to leave this letter here as it is, because Girl actually has said everything, in 3 or 4 days you can post your letters here, but for now I will close this thread!

The team

Army of Love
Magical Child

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Re: Thoughts and Feelings about Michael... what if you've ever had the chance to say something to Michael...

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