Today is the Michael *missing* Day

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Today is the Michael *missing* Day

Beitrag  Magical Child am Fr Jun 25, 2010 11:51 am

Hello My Dears

Today is THE Day on which our Michael is missing..,
and it hurts so much...all of us

If you want
you can write here your Thoughts...

For me
is this a very hard Day.., when a year ago I got a Phonecall...but it's weird I do NOT believe he has gone.., I know it sounds strange.., but after Michael's *MISSING* has happen too much so you cannot believe his Death..

There are too many Evidences that Michael
is still alive and I hope from the Bottom of my Heart that he's really okay now..

I can imagine that he will keep going in the Background..,
give his Orders and pursue what we Fans are do..
we have Luck and Michael come back.., he have to come back because we need him especially in these hard time...

My personal Words to Michael/message for Michael :
Please come back.., you know we need you.., You have to help us against the Conspiracy..,
all Fans (until some few) have understand your Message and wait for you

In Love Magical

The Greatest Show on Earth
The FAKE TRAIL Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson
Magical Child

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Re: Today is the Michael *missing* Day

Beitrag  Guardian am Fr Jun 25, 2010 2:40 pm

Hello my Dears!

I feel sad today, too.
It's a Feeling like a Hole in the Heart and I feel empty so empty. Like someone has taken away something important from me.
This is a Feeling I've never had before.
I grew up with Michael, last year I had a strange dream and after I woke up and I've watched some News in TV my world has broken down.
I did never say "I LOVE YOU" to someone and I had Problems with Love. But Michael is the only Human Being I can really love. I know it sounds so strange but that's the Way I do.

I have to agree with Magical: Since Michael is missing there are too many things has happen. So I feel, too he is alive.

Dear Michael,
You have teached us ALWAYS, you were a wonderful Teacher, Friend and Brother.
You did so many Good and much more.
I by myself did understand your Message, too and I try to do good.
You gave us, now it is our turn to give it back to you. Especially the Love!

Lots of Love

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Re: Today is the Michael *missing* Day

Beitrag  Badgirl am Fr Jun 25, 2010 2:53 pm

I hide myself in the Garden because there I can't get no through my Television out of the window because today is so many in TV about Michael. Many of it it's Thrash in my eyes and when he should be here he will indict them.......because of Defamation and one sided Reporting.

"They" still have understand nothing!!! Just because a Celebaty do nothing bring out in the Public and hide is Privacy he still gets "convicted".

It's sad but Noone in these World can get itself against Mobbing...and Grudger and Claimings defend...because where are the Evidences?? They write and show it the whole time until "they" believe it by themselfs..

...very poor

My personal Words to Michael...(Extra to my Letter)

Dear Michael
Do not be force, Michael you for your dear life to justify need.
And I have understood your message ,,,,, but where and how do you start to save the world??
In the little I do it already
Come and show me/us the second Step....only together we are strong
You are missed...every Day....every hour...


(translated by Guardian)

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Re: Today is the Michael *missing* Day

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