How Michael Jackson's death changed my life

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How Michael Jackson's death changed my life

Beitrag  Guardian am Mo Jun 28, 2010 9:38 pm

Hello everybody!

Here's a really great post by a Michael fan. Angelwings already posted it in the German corner, I'm going to translate it for you:


Well, I'll just begin, I'm not an MJ Fan from the first hour on. It started in 2003, when he was displayed in front of the world press, when he was led away in handcuffs. I saw his face and there was something in his eyes I couldn't explain, but I knew: he is innocent!

From that on, I was interested in MJ. I felt that injustice is done to somebody. I can't explain it – this view.

Then, on 6/25/2009 at 6.30, as my daughter waked me up and said to me: „Mom, Michael Jackson is dead“, this day changed my life.
Then, as I watched the whole reporting and first backgrounds, fast it was flear to me, he was murdered.
I really sat in front of the TV for days and couldn't eat or sleep anymore, like so many other fans, too.

When then it was reported that he had a drug problem and some drugs were named that he was said to have taken, I was absolutely devastated.

He has gotten exactly the same pills, which I have taken for 12 years. Only with the result, that I have done a detoxification and afterwards a therapy, and since that I am clean.

I can't handle that I have gotten a chance to change my life. I, a little woman, who has never done anything to get excited about. And he, the best entertainer the world has ever seen, didn't. I had huge feelings of guilt.

My flat looks like an MJ museum. Every day in the morning when I get up, I light some candles, which burn until late at night and only are made out when I go to bed.
My bedroom is full of pictures of him, there's no space anymore.
Yes, I talk to him every day, but don't be afraid, I'm not crazy. I've built for myself an MJ world.

I can understand that it wasn't possible for him to stop the drugs. The detoxification, which one has to go through, is physically like hell. But on the other side it takes a long time to understand the seriousness. It's not easy to admit to oneself that one has a problem of addiction. That was, also for Michael Jackson, like hell. I can understand him so well. I would have loved so much to see him live one time...

But the DVD and books that I all have, don't help me a lot. My day starts with MJ and ends with MJ. Anyone who says anything negative about him, gets disabused by me. MJ has changed my life!

I also have no partner, because no relationship can handle my fanaticism, but I don't care. Michael Jackson is worth it. So his music and his dancing will always live on inside of us.


Editor's note:
We thank Bubbles for the frank words and would be glad to also receive letters by other fans via e-mail, which we'll then introduce here online. Who wants to, please send your letter to:



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