To Michael a Cry for Help !!!!!

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To Michael a Cry for Help !!!!!

Beitrag  Magical Child am Mo Sep 27, 2010 10:15 pm

Dear Michael ..,
We know that you are somewhere outside in the whole wide World and look in some Forums ..,
I don't know but I hope you reports yourself soon.., because we Fans are on the End of our ropes ... there are so many People who imitate you ..,
I believe and I hope not that you let us suffering would not let your fans but it's bad and she is sitting crying in front of the computer ..,
I can't believe it that you leave us alone no matter what happens is we Fans are there for you that do you know or ?
There are so many Things what we can get together , together Michael listen ?
You don't have fear for nothing we are here .., don't leave us alone .., with the sick People outside who think they can hurt us,..
Michael ; this is an personal Cry for Help to you ..
I CAN'T imagine at the best Sake , because you leave us alone because you love your FANS
And this are your Fans who gets hurt because of the FAKER...
Do you want this ?
I know the Fans believe too much .., but what should we do ..we hope that you are still alive and help us ..,
Please Michael , I know that you will not can registers yourself anywhere should you read this ..,
Take yourself a Heart and look every one of your Fans ..., At Facebook .., Myspace..Twitter and more and more ..,
We love you
This is a Cry for Help to you an important Message
We love You more Michael ..
Don't leave us alone
*You Are NOT Alone !!!*
Bye for now
Magical Child

The Greatest Show on Earth
The FAKE TRAIL Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson
Magical Child

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