The Forum will be continued soon! :)

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The Forum will be continued soon! :)

Beitrag  Guardian am Do März 07, 2013 12:53 pm

Hello my Dears!

Magical Child and I are still in Research and other Doings and have not much time to work here.
I am eager to please to be online here.

It will last a little bit, because for me now applications stand in a queue again. The healing process is progressed successfully, so that I am a healthy-written again and can be available to the job market.
Magical Child will come here soon, too.

Important: The Windows Live Messenger will go quit to April 2013! If you still have it and you don't want to miss it you can connect it with the Skype- Messenger.
In this manner you can also get in touch with Magical Child and me if you liked to know something.
Otherwise the possibility with ICQ insists on taking up Facebook or also email, contact with us.

Kind Regards



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